Dr. Brandon Lewis,
STEP Program Director
As the visionary leader and Director of STEP (Student Toward Educational Progress), Dr. Brandon Lewis brings a wealth of passion, expertise, and commitment to transforming education and fostering holistic student development.   With a profound belief in the power of education beyond textbooks, Dr. Lewis has dedicated his career to creating innovative learning experiences that empower young minds. 

In 1998, Dr. Lewis began his stepping career as a shy, insecure performer. By 2003, Dr. Lewis participated in national step shows, won countless trophies, and began his pursuit to teach others the benefits of stepping. Dr. Lewis created Stepping Toward Educational Progress in 2003 because he recognized the need for comprehensive approaches that encompass academic excellence, creativity, cultural responsiveness, and emotional growth. STEP has served as a beacon of educational innovation in several elementary, middle, and, high schools. Ultimately, STEP offers a nurturing space where students thrive, learn, and transform into well-rounded individuals.   

 As a leader, educator, and advocate for change, Dr. Lewis embodies the ethos of STEP - to enrich the lives of students by providing them with the tools they need to succeed not only academically but also as compassionate, creative, and responsible global citizens. Under Dr. Lewis’ guidance, STEP continues to flourish, shaping the educational landscape and impacting countless lives along the way.